Grand Lodge of Latvia
svētdiena, 21. jūlijs, 2024
History of Freemasonry / Chronology

Chronology of Modern Freemasonry

1717 Four English Lodges unite constituting the  Grand Lodge of England and electing Anthony Sayer as Grand Master

1729 There are 61 Lodges working in England

1730 First Masonic Lodge founded in America

1731 Fanz Stephen of Lotringia, (since 1745  Franz I, Roman-German emperor) becomes a Freemason.

1737 The first German Lodge is founded (Hamburg)

1737 Prohibition of free Masonic Lodges in Paris

1738 Pope Clement XII issues a papal bull In Eminenti condemning Freemasons

1739 The Inquisition persecutes Freemasons in Spain and Portugal.

1741/42 Masonic Lodges  Union in Frankfurt am Main and Aux Trois Canons in Vienna are founded. King Fredric II The Great – constitutes a Lodge in Berlin Aux Trois Globes (At Three Globes) afterwards turned into a Grand Lodge Zu den drei Weltkugeln.

1750 The first Masonic lodge in Riga Zum Nordstern ("Ziemeļzvaigzne") is founded renamed in  1765 Zum Schwert ("Pie zobena")

1751 the foundation of the second Grand Lodge in London, later called “Ancients”, that stands opposite the one founded in 1717 called “Moderns”

1754 The First lodge in the town of Jelgava, Latvia, Trois Caeurs couronnes ("Trīs kronētās sirdis") established

1756 Foundation of the Grande Lodge of France. 1760. Foundation of the Grand Lodge of Sweden

1764 Giacomo Casanova visits Jelgava and Riga. 1766. Johann Gottfried von Herder  enrolled in loge Zum Schwert in Riga

1769 First Grand Lodge of North America founded in Massachusets

1779 Alessandro de Cagliostro founded an “Egyptian system” lodge in Jelgava, Latvia

1780 Irene – the first lodge in the town of Liepāja, Latvia, was founded

1770 the foundation of Das Grosse Landesloge die Freimaurer of Germany in Berlin under the leadership of Johann Wilhelm Kelner von Cinnendorf.

1772 Provincial Grand Lodge founded in Russia according to the English system

1773 The foundation of the Grand Orient of France

1776 Following the proclamation of independence by 13 states of North America, American Declaration of Independence is adopted

1780 J. W. Goethe was enrolled in lodge Amalia

1784 W. A. Mozart was enrolled in lodge  Zur Wohlthätigkeit in Vienna

1785 F. J. Haydn was enrolled in lodge Zur wahren Eintracht in Vienna

1794 Following the French Revolution Catherine the II , Empress of Russia restricts Freemasonic activities in Riga

1814 Masonic lodges are banned in Italy

1815 Constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England is issued

1822 Free mason lodges are prohibited in the whole of Russian Empire (also in territory of Latvia)

1861 Giuseppe Garibaldi occupies the post of Grand Master in several Grand Lodges of Italy

1877 Grand Orient of France  breaks away from regular Freemasonry

1916/17 German lodges of military character founded in Liepāja, Jelgava and Riga

1919 “Enkurs”- the first lodge of independent Latvia founded in Liepāja

1924 Lodge "Jāņuguns" founded in Riga

1934 Prohibition of lodges in Germany

1949 Foundation of the United Grand Lodge of Germany in Frankfurt an Main

1993 Re-establishment of the St.John’s lodge "Jāņuguns"

2000 Re-establishment of the lodges "Ziemeļzvaigzne" and "Pie zobena"

2003 Foundation of the Grand Lodge of Latvia in Mežotne Palace, Latvia

2007 Re-establishment of St. John’s lodge "Apollo"

2008 Re-establishment of St. Andrew’s lodge "Iter Ad Lucem"

2009 Re-establishment of St John’s lodge "Enkurs" in Liepāja