Grand Lodge of Latvia
svētdiena, 21. aprīlis, 2024
On Freemasonry / Essential Requirements to Freemasons
  • Freedom of mind,
  • ability of independent reasoning,
  • independence, inexhaustible wish for self-development and avoidance of getting stuck on one’s achievement.

Under the influence of external conditions Freemasons are aware of a constant need to refresh and re-define their values more and more specifically and re-instil them with a new drive.

The social life of the community of brothers within the Lodge requires good mutual understanding in any situation of life, delicacy in understanding idiosyncrasies of different brothers and readiness to help, if appropriate. The Masonic tolerance is by no means indifference towards the opinion of others; on the contrary, it is understood as preparedness to be engaged in a controversial discussion without losing respect towards conviction or opinion of one’s partner or even an opponent. This is often impeded by egoistic manners of conduct and other human imperfections. Overcoming of such imperfections by means of conversations, admonitions and personal example is a constant object of Freemason’s work.

A Freemason evaluates own way to perfection only by means of self-comparison. Am I a better man today than I was yesterday? Will I be able to become a better man tomorrow than I am today?